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by Holly12 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 1:24 am


Old lady here - 35 - and previously thought stretched ears were gross. Every few years I end up going through a piercing/tattoo phase where I get a bunch done and then I'm good to go for another few years.

I currently have 17 tattoos (and don't plan on stopping any time soon.)

For piercings, I have 3 holes in each ear lobe (the first set is the set I'm stretching,) a cartilage piercing in my left ear, my right tragus, my nostril, tongue and left side lip. I've retired numerous piercings - CVH, eyebrow, transverse lobe, forward helix, industrial, belly button, anti-tragus. I've discovered that my body will NOT tolerate surface piercings and just pushes them out, so I lost the transverse lob, eyebrow, belly button and industrial that way. So sad.

I've just hit another wave and am having my septum pierced this coming Wednesday (wanting to have a small curved barbell so you can just see the balls showing - hahahahah, balls - (yes, I'm 35 but still giggle when someone says duty.... doody.... hee hee,) and decided to stretch out my ear lobes, (a few weeks ago I had both sides of my head shaved and I am looooooooooving it! Wanted to do it for years and finally decided, I'm not getting any younger, so just do it!!!)

I don't want to go larger than a 4g or 2g as I want them to be able to shrink back to normal. I maaaaaaay convince myself to get to a 0g though. I'm just so surprised to be here, as I've never found stretched ears to be attractive in the past and now, I can't get enough of them!

I paint furniture by day (I have my own, one woman business,) and by night I'm either doing the web part of my business (adds, etc...) crocheting or reading.

Glad to be here! Excited for my stretching journey!
Piercings: 3 in each lobe, cartilage, tragus, nostril, tongue, side lip
Retired Piercings: CVH, bellybutton, eyebrow, anti tragus, transverse lobe, industrial
Upcoming Piercings: Septum
Current Gauge: 12g
Stretching Goal: 4g to 0g.
Tattoos: 17
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