New stretch, crusting and some discharge

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by Wkspharsyde » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:58 am

Hey guys , just have a question, I just stretched up from a 0 to a 00, first of all , I waited 1 year before stretching , I also purchased gorilla glass plugs , cleaned them , with dial soap and warm water, after taking a hot shower and cleaning my ears , the jewelry slid in nice clean and easy , a tiny bit of a sting, which is to be expected going up a size ? But little to no resistance , now I have some clear fluid crusting up around the jewelry ( 2 days later ) should I remove the jewelry to clean the fluid when I showered, or just q tip around the jewelry , or simply just let my ears do their thing? I havent been touching my ears , though they are getting pretty itchy , not painful or throbbing, is it because of the stretch ? Did I do something wrong ? Will it go away? Thanks in advance for any help or advice :)
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