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by MadJack » Wed May 11, 2016 1:01 am

Ight so, after wearing 00 plugs for about 3-4 years, iv decided I wanted to go bigger. So I bought 1/2 plugs (double flared). I know im skipping a size but I thought after 3-4 years of wearing 00's my ears shoulda stretch naturally. I lubed up my left ear, massaged it for a while and then inserted the 1/2 plug. It went straight in without any effort what so ever. I can even put it in without unscrewing it. Happy with the results, I started doing the same thing with my right ear hoping for the same. Turns out even unscrewed it dosnt fit..I tried forcing it a tiny bit but stopped right away when my ear started to get a little warm. I thought of getting a 7/16 and wait for it to stretch naturally (if it fits) but id rather not x)..Is there something else I can do to make my ear stretch? I was maybe thinking of leaving my plugs in when going to bed for a week or a few since they would start falling out if I didnt, or maybe adding weights?

I went to my local piercing shop 3-4 times to get my ears to 00 so I obviously skipped sizes a few times but I did wait 1year+ between each. It hurt like a B**** it really hurt. My lobes never bled but they would sting and be swollen for like a week, maybe a little less then that. I remember going back home right after a stretch in my moms car that had the windows rolled down and the wind coming from it made my lobes hurt sooo freaking bad haha. The dude that stretched my ears said this was all normal and that everything was fine, I trusted him since he worked in a professional shop you know? He didnt warn me about skipping sizes. Its my fauIt though, I didnt do any research before getting my ears stretched so I didnt know what I was doing, I was young and stupid >.> after I got my ears stretched, I started doing some research like I shoulda done before..I found out that ear stretching should be painless and that if there is pain its because there is microscopic tearing and blowouts can happen. I guess im lucky since I dont think if ever gotten a blow out, but I do think I have scar tissue (and maybe cat but) due to the stress my ears have endured making the ear harder to stretch. Is this why im having trouble with my right lobe?

pictures of the hole on my right ear. ... b.jpg.html (front) ... sort=3&o=1 (back)

What do you guys think ?

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by RadMom » Tue May 17, 2016 1:06 am

Bro your ear looks like a butthole! LMAO I'm sorry I had to, not trying to be an ass just being silly.

So I was dumb when I stretched my ears up to an 00g.. Put it this way I got my stretching kit on December 31 and went from 12g-00g in 5 months. Every stretch came with pain, burning, bleeding, crusties, drainage, etc. But being in the medical field I knew the importance of staying on top of it to prevent infections, so they healed within a week. So no worries we all make mistakes.

Now with your situation, you have two choices. The painful way like I did each stretch BUT you have to and I seriously mean you have to stay on top of caring for it to prevent infection. Or the taping method that takes longer but is suppose to be painless and much better for stretching.

My way: If you can get a taper it could help a great deal with the forced stretch. Massage your ear good with vitamin E & Jojoba oil 50/50 mixture. Next you need some stretching balm it will sooth and heal your ear. Put it all over the taper or your gauge, whichever you use to stretch it. Push it through slowly, DO NOT force it hard just steady pressure. It will eventually pop through and will make your ear sting like a SOB for about 1-2 minutes then turns into a burn. If it swells up and is red and hot to the touch, tender and painful. Take it out, clean the gauge with alcohol, clean your lobe the best you can with a DRY q-tip!!! Put more balm all over the gauge, generously and put it back in. Ibuprofen helps with inflammation. ** PS I recommend stretching it this way just before bed so you can sleep the pain away and wake up with minimal pain.**

Taping method: Take your 00g and wrap some non-stick Teflon tape, which is supposed to be safe for piercings. All you do is wrap a layer of tape around the jewelry and re-insert it into the piercing, gradually adding more tape and increasing the size of the hole. This method is a lot slower but is suppose to be good.

In all honesty the best method of stretching out there is with tapers.

Good luck! :P
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