Ear stretching and the workplace?

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by heerokoseru » Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:51 am

:? So, I just got laid off, because around here is just temp work bullshit. Pardon my use of language. Anyways, I've been stretching my ears for almost three years now, and I'm at an inch. I'm 22 years old. I've never had much of a problem finding a job with my plugs, but the thing is they were smaller. possibly 00g-1/2 when I got a job.

A lot of people keep saying the same thing to me. "You won't get a job with those in your ears, take them out blah blah" Well, I'm not willing to accept that at the moment. I've got a lot going on at the moment. I have to move out by the end of the year, and I'm (TRYING) to make my move to Southern California. I've lived there before, but didn't have to get a job or anything fancy. I stayed there for a year, and loved it. I will be in the process of moving back there with my wife.

Anyways, has stretched ears really hindered you, or anyone else? I'm having trouble finding a job at the moment.. well not really it's only been about three days I've put in like maybe eight applications. I'm thinking about trying to do temporary again, ugh. Just because, I need the money now to try my best to move to CA, or die trying.

I was discussing this issue with my family, and my mother told me just to grow my hair over my plugs, and it shouldn't be an issue as long as it's clean, and kept out of my face, and eyes.

Now, I'm not a shy person by any means, and I'd like to believe I'm somewhat intelligent. I have tried hider plugs, but my ears push down with them, and give a hint that it's just a skin colored plug. I'm not willing to part with my plugs, it took me forever to get to an inch. But, if I REALLY, REALLY HAVE TO.. I will. I will not stitch them but, I will downsize.

Do you think I should grow my hair over my ears, and just trim up the front to keep it away from my eyes? or downsize to like 1/2 and try another pair of hider plugs? I really, really need some realistic advice, I cannot believe plugs are really taken that offensively, but it's only what my family says. No one has EVER said anything to me about them. I'm serious. Most people don't even act like they notice.

I cannot believe people are really that sheltered over having holes in your ears, it's insanely idiotic. But, hey I cannot do anything about it. Please, don't tell me "you should've though about that before you did this and that" I know this, and I understand it. But, I stretched my ears for a reason. I never thought it'd be that big of a deal.

If you could offer any grace or advice for me I am willing to listen, and take it all in. I hope you're all having a wonderful evening, and wish me some luck on my job, and moving would ya? It'd help me a lot. <3
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