Can someone explain about ear scalpeling?

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by akPhilly » Sun Dec 23, 2012 5:25 pm

First off, this is not something I'm planning or considering doing. I just didn't understand a few things about it & was wondering. I've seen a few videos on Youtube,& a few questions came to mind:

-In one video,the guy cut a circle. How can you get the circle symmetrical doing it freehand like that-it was a smaller size,so wouldn't it have been better to use a punch so the circle's symmetrical?

-In another video,it looked more like the guy cut a slit rather than a circle. Did I see it wrong, or is that how they do it sometimes, by cutting a slit & just putting a plug in there

-Being that you're removing a large piece of skin rather than stretching it, can you stretch any larger once you have this procedure done, or are you basically stuck at that one size? Because if you decided to go larger, would you have enough skin left to do that?

-There was this one video where a girl was at a larger size, like an inch maybe, so I didn't see the whole video,but I'd have to assume that she'd already had them stretched the regular way for the most part-I can't imagine they could take unstretched ears & scalpel them that big-but wouldn't that be a bit dangerous at a larger size like that? I mean, don't you need all the skin you can when you go bigger like that?

-And finally, is this something that's sort of 'frowned upon'? Because in almost every instance, even the girl who had the bigger plugs I mentioned above, the person kept putting a disclaimer that they'd done this to 'correct placement'. Even if it looked as though their ears hadn't been stretched at all. I don't know, the way everyone kept saying it reminded me of like, when a person gets a nose job & insists that 'oh it's because I had a deviated septum'.
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by corazon_de_oro » Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:29 am

I've wondered some of the same things myself. I think if you get a really good artist, they don't remove too much skin.

The only question I can really answer is that yes, it's possible to stretch after being scalpelled. Actually, most people find their ears (or whatever body part) will stretch really quickly after scalpelling. Not sure why but that's how it is, apparently.

It's not frowned upon as long as it's done by someone who knows what they're doing. But I'm sure a lot of people do it who shouldn't be.
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