Awful tattoo shops... are people blind?!

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by akPhilly » Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:10 am

yeah,& I know the place I used to go to in the suburbs,even though on their card & in the yellow pages(this was awhile ago-I don't even know if people use the yellow pages anymore :D )it said 'walk ins welcome',but in reality,you really couldn't walk in there & expect to get a tattoo that day;usually if you walked in,you'd leave w/an appt. for at least a month or two from that day cause they guy was good.I think he'd have no problem doing a walk in,but he was just too busy.Plus,I liked making appointments anyway because I felt that he was a little bit better than the other artist there,& I'd feel weird if I went in & the other guy was available,& had to be like,oh,sorry I really prefer the owner.Even though there's nothing wrong w/that & I'm sure he wouldn't take offense,still,I just think I would've felt funny.Was just easier to make the appt.But I guess some people just don't want to wait?
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by corazon_de_oro » Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:42 am

I think the place I go to takes about 3 months to get an appointment with the main artist. The other two don't take as long and they frequently have openings and can take walk-ins, but they aren't nearly as good as the main guy. I'd actually rather make an appointment because it gives more time to think about it.
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