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by jlet » Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:58 am

Hi I'm Julie. I wanted to join a forum on ear stretching, since I once again have started wearing gauged earrings and have encountered some problems. I figured some people might be able to relate and be able to answer my questions. I'll post my questions in another section... I just wanted to introduce myself here :).

I first got my ears stretched maybe about 15+ (don't exactly remember) years ago, back when it was not as common as it is today. They were not real big, I only went to a 00. After a while I had stopped wearing plugs and hangers, and went back to "regular" earrings. My 00 eventually shrunk down to about a 4 gauge. That is small enough that I can wear certain styles of regular earring studs with a wide back, and it covers the hole so you can't tell it's stretched. These days I want to keep it no larger than 4 gauge. Except the more I wear 4 gauges, my ear holes are actually getting about a 3 gauge, so between 4 and 2, which causes problems that I'll post about separately. I'm sure there's a lot I can learn here!
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