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by piñon » Sun Apr 05, 2015 12:28 am

Hi, my name is alberto but my friends call me piñon(I know its a weird nickname, even in my country)I just got registered on the forum, I'm from Concepcion, Chile, Southamerica :3 , 3 days ago i got my first 3 expansions 5mm 4mm and 3mm, now that im reading the forums i think i went to fast :cry:
I'm having some promblems with the 5mm expansion(I'm stupid, i know), it hurts a lot and its very swollen, it doesnt have any pus, the other 2 expansions are healing well

any recomendations? should i downgrade the expansion, or remove the expansion and let it heal

sorry if my english sucks, I use google translate for some words
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