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by d00g13 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:27 pm

Hi folks ive been on and off this website since I started stretching my lobes from November 2011 from standard piercing to now 2G in both ears

Anyways my names Doogie and I'm from Scotland and am generally happy with my piercings I am always clean and use SS tunnels and clean every day and am planning on moving up to 1G then onto 0G

I've only had one bad time with my stretching when I was trying to stretch up 2 0G and scratched the inside of my lobe and all hell broke loose my ear h8d it so done the usual cleaned and downsized all the way down to 3mm :o was so gutted when it happened but I've got back up to 2G on both sides again with no scarring or catbutt I'll try get some pics up when I ain't on the iPad but just thought I'd get in the intro bit first

I need some info on where to get some 7mm taper and tunnels from in the uk
And some links for this vit e oil or jojoba that people talk about

Anyways I'll be on here pretty regular from now on and hope to talk to you soon!! 8-)
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by bradykay90 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:29 am

Check out amazon. They have everything ull need tapers tunnels plugs e oil jojoba oil and its all fairly cheap on amazon. Good luck
My left lobe is 1/2" my right is 00g.
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