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by ESP » Sat May 12, 2012 10:01 pm

hey there,
my name is Evan. I'm a male, 19 years old and from a small town in canada.
i stumbled across the site and saw that there's a lot of knowledgeable
people and great information, so i figured I'd join. :D

I'll go ahead and share my stretching storey. I started at a 12G. waited 4 months to stretch after the initial piercing, never skipped sizes and have done my best to be patient with my lobes. i haven't had any blow outs or anything of that sort but I'm
currently in a bit of a predicament.. I've been at 1/2" for about a month now. i switched to a pair of double flared stone plugs with zero issues. a buddy of mine
got me a pair of metal double flared tunes as a gift. i noticed the flanges looked
fairly large so i waited a couple weeks before i even tried to get them in. and one night i removed my stone plug and the metal half inch tunnels went in ridiculously
easy to my surprise. so now here comes my issue. the metal isn't agreeing with my
lobes particularilly well, so i went to remove my left one first, had a hot shower and lubed them up with some tea-tree oil and had the worst time getting it out. the flange actually cut my lobe. it was rather painful so i didn't even try to get my right lobe out. the lobe that got cut is healing up well and doesn't hurt one bit anymore. however I'm basically wondering if i should keep the sharp metal tunnel in for another month or so to try and give my ear some more time to gain some elasticity? or keep trying diligently to remove it. it just boggles my mind how they went in so easy but are so difficult to remove. they're very sharp so I'm slightly scared, i don't want to ruin my lobes as i want to continue stretching. :|

my apologies for the lengthly introduction. any inside would be greatly appreciated. thanks a million. :D
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by Tom » Wed May 23, 2012 6:29 pm

Hey Evan,
Awesome introduction. Thanks for posting your story and welcome to the forums.
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by ESP » Wed May 23, 2012 11:09 pm

thanks for the welcome, i appreciate it.

bump for opinions on what to do with this tunnel..

update about that. I've been trying to leave it in to let me ears relax. It is closed to coming out but still won't quite come out without damaging my lobe. :? i guess i'll wait a little longer?
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