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by EasternTiger » Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:45 am

Well hi, Its sort of random me joining this place, but I had a few questions, as usual I turned to google and one of the answers led me here! Since I AM only just starting to stretch, I figured why not! I warn you I can be long winded xD

So lets see, I am 25, from northern Michigan, and a Mom.
Iv had my ears pierced since I was about 16, yes that does seem very late lol, my parents strictly forbid my sister and I to get them pierced, then when I finally did get them pierced, It was done by my mom as i sat on the kitchen counter, i vividly remember my dad cutting up a deer on our kitchen table at the same time and actually being grossed out by his daughters getting needles poked into their ears. :p
I went a few years of activate keeping jewelry in my ears, but Iv never been much into accessorizing so eventually i just forgot about them, but they never closed up.

Since high school I wanted to start stretching, I live in a small tourist town, so most of the fashion i see comes a bit late or I have to wait for summer xD. However I didn't because the only stores we have around here that sell stretching jewelry is hot topic, that mixed with the fact I didn't have my own money to spend yet, lack of information and unforgiving parents, I just kinda gave up on it...

Welp now I'm 25 and finally decided to go for it. I stopped into hot topic just for the hell of it, knowing I wouldn't like what i see, I'm sorry but personally I just cant stand the look of long tapers, and would just feel safer with metal pieces, so to the internet I went.

I started a week ago, with 16's and noticed they didn't hurt but I definitely felt them, I have an unusually high pain tolerance but I still expected more pain, they were mostly just mildly annoying for about 2 days, then it was as if I had them in my whole life. Sort of expecting how I react to things, I had kind of figured I would keep them in for a week maybe, just because I cant feel pain doesn't mean I'm not healed. but I experimentally put in the 14's I had bought at the same time and haven't felt anything yet after 2 days so Iv just left them lol. Ill have to keep these in for quite a while since I don't know when Ill be buying more, but its fine since I actually like the pair I have at the moment lol.

Well thats my story so far, well see where this stretching takes me, :p I'm not planning on going further then a 00, but I'm sure ill have more questions along the way, since I have a few plans for when I get closer to my goal.
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by Tom » Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:07 pm

Thanks for posting your story. 00g is a great goal size.
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