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by Ashton » Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:31 pm

Hello everyone! :D
Nice to meet you all.

My name is Ashton. I'm 20.
I live in Texas. I really enjoy music to an erotic level,
okay maybe that was a little too far, but i really enjoy music.
(but who doesn't). I'm a hardcore gamer, and I've been as such
since I was about 9 years old, and no I'm not one of those
morons that just plays BlackOps or Skyrim lol, I actually
play GOOD games, and I actually pay attention to the mechanics
of a game, and I learn a class in and out, etc..yeah... (And by
hardcore gamer, I mean...mostly, MMORPG-nerd that does raids
and plays with elitists, like Ultima Online<3 and Asheron's Call 2
and no that doesn't mean I play WoW (though, I did
participate..actually..in WoW-closed Beta, and played until
3.3.5a WotLK...But that's fine, I don't play it now, when it's
officially noob friendly..and mostly made for casual gamers >_>)
BUT ANYWAYS, I am going off topic. o_o

Anyways...uhh... hello :P
What I have:
14g Snakebites
14g Angelbites
20g Septum (I bet you just re-read that, lol)
16g R. Nostril
0g ears - currently retiring -

What I want:
2x R. eyebrow
L. Nostril

3/4" Ears
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