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by Malty » Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:17 am

Well, Im new here....stumble across this site and was happy I did....my bro recently started stretching his ears....very stupidly though....i think he is at an 4G now and went up to that from a 14G in a space of 4days? Maybe less...now I know they are not good techniques anyway using common sense, but i didnt know that keeping tapers in for days at a time was a bad idea....only thing is...he only bought tapers and we currently cant afford to buy plugs....i went up to a 6G today and Im wearing a plug...i did have a 8G steel taper and it was very sore and bled a good bit, just wondering what the best advice and continuing techniques i should do? Thanks guys :D
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by DncGvnDnc » Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:59 am


Welcome to the site. Your ears should never hurt during or after a stretch and should never bleed ever. That aside I would wait like a month before every stretch. Downsize and wear plugs instead you were on the right track using stainless steel. I would also recommend investing in some jojoba oil or some vitamin e oil and do some massages with the oil to help promote circulation and thicken your lobes. You should also get some non iodized sea salt and do some sea salt soaks in warm water to clean your lobes.
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