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by onionhead1112 » Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:24 pm

greetings to all
I am pleased to have found the forum as I have finally decided to start stretching after thinking about it for over 3 years seriously, Im currently just at 16 g but thats a way up from my old sewing needle piercings that were over 20 years old.
Have decided to investigate a bit more before I went even to 14 g or more and was glad to find the forum.
Im 46 male tattooed a bit ( unfortunately mostly home scracher junk) have both ears pierced right twice left 5 but rarely wear any more than 2 in each now days. tongue has been done for about 17 years now as well. also thinking of getting the nipples done as well, just something small for them.
not sure at what size Im aiming at right now something like 00 I believe just so I can wear some plugs and have that day ligt show through and room for some hoops through them. nothing too large.
Luckily through the forum I have learned already to not rush things and be patient.
I hope to have fun on this journey and learn more and share with like minded folks here.
ears multiple times 18 g
currently stretching at 10G now
multiple tattoos arms legs back front
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