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by Pric3r » Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:54 pm

Hey guys, how are you all!

New to these forums, so thought I'd jump right in and post an intro! :)

Started stretching my ears when I was 15, didn't have enough money or patience with my right ear so I practically just focussed on my left until I was about 17/18.

Did everything the wrong way:
• Pierced my ears with a stud rather than professionally
• Stretched to 5mm with a taper without letting my ears properly heal
• Not taking proper aftercare
• Stretching with silicon
• Got a blow out at 20mm which I totally ignored and didn't know how to fix

You name it I did it to my poor left ear. :oops:

When I started stretching my right I was more careful and went to a piercer and he informed on how to do things right, researched as much as I could, did everything by the book and now at 20 years young here I am with two healthy (ish) 32mm lobes!

Although my goal at the moment is to get my ears up to 50mm!
(2" roughly)

Hoping to input something useful into this community! :D
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