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by LVAJay31611 » Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:07 pm

Hello all! I'm James, and I'm living in Vegas! I'm currently at 9/16ths, and my overall goal is 3/4ths. My top hole in my right ear is at a 16g, and will eventually be up to a 4 gauge! At first when I started I had no clue what I was doing, but now I have grown a fond appreciation of stretching and really take care of my ears. I have had no blowouts since ive started, only minor tears(going from 2 to 0), but other than that my ears have remained healthy! I did religious sea salt soaks, and wait until my ears are healed! I've been at 9/16ths for a long while now, and I'm planning on taping them up in the next few weeks! As for the top hole, I still have to wait a while as I only got it pierced maybe a month ago. So yea thats a little about me and my ears :)
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by TheGreyEyedMonster » Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:06 am

"We think caged birds sing, when indeed they cry out."

10mm Lobes (to be 16mm)
(L)ear- Double Helix, Tragus, Rook, 2nd&3rd Lobes
(R)ear- 6g Helix Punch, Industrial, 2nd&3rd Lobes
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