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by aaronnbro » Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:25 pm

Im Aaron. Im 16 from Australia.
I have my lip pierced on the right side. I used to have spiderbites, but i keep having trouble with them.
My lobes are currently at 6g or 4mm. Both sides.
My goal for my lobes is about 20mm. Depending on numerous things going on in my life.

I wish to be a psychologist, but im currently a panel beating apprentice, caring for my piercings is hard, because i work in such a dirty environment. But yeah. Thats me i guess.
Its great to be here, i've been reading through all this forum for a few weeks now, you are all so full of great advice and has helped me learn more about piercings and stretching. Thankyou (:
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