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by newworldking » Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:19 am

hi all, i'm newworldking. been getting on here reading all the forums 4 a couple months now. finally decided to make an account. (yay!!) lol just wanted to personally thank each and every member for posting. without this forum my lobes prolly would have rotted off my head as i knew nothing about taking care my lobes. when i first streched i went about it all wrong. lol not gonna go into it cuz you guys would prolly try hunting me down to b**** slap me. read many stretching horror stories on here and i can assure you mine is by far the worst. lmao. but thanks to you guys my lobes are happy and healthy with almost no scarring. =) i'm very thankful for this forum, its members, and the knowledge you guys dropped on dis mug yo. thanks again. <3 =) wurd 2 ya muther :D
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