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by liplockshock » Sun Apr 03, 2011 5:35 am

Hi! -waves-

My name is Morgana! I live in Canada. I don't really have many body mod's as of yet but I have a dream list of things I want. I come from a conservative family so all of it is frowned upon by my mother especially. Strange enough my Grandparents (who are more straightlaced then her) don't really seem to mind.
I've shown my Grandma that I'm stretching she seems to find it interesting, she even asked if she could come when I get my first tattoo because she might get one too hahaha! My mother on the other hand she still hasn't realized I've been stretching my ears. I plan on telling her... Eventually ;)
I love music, art, and I'm a huge comic nerd. I love science!

I want:
- Monroe
- Snakebites
- Nose
- Industrial
- AT LEAST 0g in both lobes

I have three ideas for tattoo's. My plan is to get myself one for my 22nd birthday :D my only problem is deciding which one to do first haha!

It's nice to meet you all :D
The name is Morgana Elise.
Call me Morgana :D
Current Size: 4G
Current Goal: 0G
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