Customized Pressure Sensor

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by astao236 » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:30 am

PTS512H high temperature pressure transmitter
It adopts stainless steel temperature isolation components, imported elastomer components, high-precision strain gauge and advanced SMT technology, with high sensitivity, stable performance and good impact resistance.
It is used in water industry, oil refinery, sewage treatment plant, building materials, light industry, machinery and other industrial fields to achieve measurement of liquid, gas and vapor pressure. Examples of applications: industrial field process pressure testing, laboratory pressure calibration systems, marine and marine manufacturing, aerospace and aircraft manufacturing, air separation plants and thermal power units.
Range: 0 ~ 1KPa ~ 10KPa ~ 400KPa, -0.1 ~ 0 ~ 1 ~ 60(MPa)
Comprehensive accuracy: 0.25%FS, 0.5%FS
Output signal: 4-20ma (2-wire system), 0-5/1-5/0-10v (3-wire system)
Power supply voltage: 24DCV(9 ~ 36DCV)
Medium temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ 160-350 ℃, the custom of up to 800 ℃.
Temperature: Room temperature (20 ~ 85 ℃)
Load resistance: current output type: Biggest 800 Ω;Voltage output type: more than 50 k Ω
Insulation resistance: Greater than 2000 m Ω (100 VDC)
Seal grade: IP65
Long-term stability: 0.1%FS/ year
Vibration effect: Within the mechanical vibration frequency of 20Hz ~ 1000Hz, the output change is less than 0.1%FS
Electrical interface: Husman connector
Threaded connection: M20 1.5, other threads can be designed according to customer requirements
Dimension: The M20 x Φ 26.5 x 156Customized Pressure Sensor
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