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by neonzplugs » Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:04 pm

Hi all,

I'm opening up a business and will be fabricating custom made plugs, tunnels and tapers but I'm trying to do a little bit of market research. So I have a questionnaire that I was HOPING you would all fill out Please?? It's basically regarding having your plugs custom made to your personal taste rather then order only what is available. This includes colours (opaque, glow in the dark,UV,etc), patterns, prints, text, images, FX, and so much more. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could fill it out and send it back to me at

Thanks so much!

1) Name:
2) Gender:
3) Age:
4) Occupation:

5) Do you attend High School, College or University?

6) In which program are you studying?

7) Do you have stretched ears and wear plugs, tunnels and/or tapers?

8) If so, which size do you wear?

9) If you don’t have stretched ears, have you considered stretching or would like to?

11) How much are you willing to spend on any of these products?

12) Would you be willing to have an item shipped from abroad if it is something you are able to custom design to your taste and is exactly want you want?

13) When inquiring about or purchasing these types of products, what are the main questions or concerns you have?

14) When looking online or going in store, do you usually find exactly what you are looking for or settle for what is available?

15) What is it that you are looking for in a product that you are normally unable to find?

16) Would you prefer selecting from ready available products or having your plugs, tunnels or tapers custom made to your personal taste?
(This includes any colour, image, pattern, print, text, encasements, unlimited sizes and much more).

17) Which appeals to you more:
a) A business offering only retail services such as product sales only, or
b) A business offering retail services such as product sales as well as information and health advice for the care of your products and well being?
(Ex: Advice and tips on stretching, products to clean and care for your ears and plugs, etc)

18) In your opinion, is the market and popularity for these products and stretching in general still growing or has it reached its peak?

19) Would you continue to purchase from one particular business if it offered you such custom options for your plugs, tunnels and tapers?

20) In your opinion, explain what could be done to make an overall improvement on plugs, tunnels and tapers. (Are there any aspects that are lacking such as; affordability, accessibility, personal design, creativity, etc)
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