apparently if your edge, you can't have stretched lobes...

Share your ear stretching experiences.
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by BroCore92 » Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:41 am

WindowLicker wrote:Dude that's crazy, I'm from Loudoun. What school did you go to?

ahahahah wow... small world. I've been to 3 high schools. I went to briar woods for my freshman year, I went to briar for 1 month in the beginning of my sophomore year and then had to transfer to broad run thanks to district changes :/ and later on that year, around april, transfered back to briar thanks to yet another district change, and over that summer I moved to Sterling and attended Potomac Falls High School up until april of 2010, when my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer, and my dad's business got messed up due to a douche bag he worked with and we've been struggling financially ever since. I was forced to drop out to help my family out, and help my mom with her surgeries and treatment. She's still fighting the cancer. I'm currently working on getting my GED. For a while I was homeless too :/ really sucks.

We're moving back up to Loudoun this week actually. GA isn't working out. The family members down here (my mom's side) aren't the most... responsible and mature people, or sane for that matter (they could care less my mother has cancer and just had a double masectomy and is physically weak and ill) and its just not working out so we're moving back up to VA and trying to get into an apartment. Things are finally starting to turn around :D some family members on my dad's side are helping us out and its a very pleasant change.

honestly stretching my ears is the only thing that has kept me sane through out this whole experience. My friends were nice enough to hook me up with old pinchers/tapers/plugs they had that i sanitized and cleaned up and I was able to stretch my ears gradually as i got hooked up with the next size up. its funny how something as simple as stretching your lobes can keep someone sane in such tough times.
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by WindowLicker » Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:05 pm

Okay you're probably a year or two behind me. I would have gone to Valley, but attended a private school instead. Really sucks to hear things turned sour for you dude. Glad to hear things are finally lookin up though :)
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by Nicole143 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:28 pm

WindowLicker wrote:
Hybrid wrote:Haha, I was edge until last June when I graduated.... Now I drink and smoke K2 etc. I think people like this are crazy. I don't listen to any of there ignorant and retarded crap they say.

You really wanna stay away from K2 man...that stuff's worse than cigarettes or pretty much anything else out there. It messes with your brain.

K2 and most legal smoking herbs clearly state on the back of their packaging potpourri not for human consumption....they sell it here at the flea market and pipe shops but I can't get over the not human consumption part myself to try it even though people buy it like crazy.....kinda like batteries I guess I wouldn't eat them by themselves so why would I do meth????
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