Stretched up to 7/16 then let them close up! But restretched

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by DarkCustom13 » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:32 pm

So i just thought id share my experience. A while ago i stretched my ears up to 7/16. I had thoughts of going bigger probably up to 1/2 or 5/8. But i made the decision to take my 7/16 out just to see how permanent the holes would be at that size in MY ears. well with in id say 2 months they closed to about a 10 gauge hole and where very tiny and normal looking again. I know alot of people always wonder that. How big can they go till its permanent. So ive already been stretching back up and right now im back up to a 00g and getting ready in 2 weeks to go back to my original 7/16 size. Its way easier the 2nd time thats for sure. The first time i stretched i let 5 weeks go between stretches. the second time they are going right in fine no problems at every 2 weeks. the 00g to 7/16 im letting 4 weeks go by even tho i think it would probably still be fine at 2 because just after a week in a half they are super lose and healed. Keep in mind everyone is different when it comes to stretching just cause its going super quick and easy for me the 2nd time dont mean it will for you. Most still have to stick with the original time frame they did the first time. So the second time around im probably going to go up to 1/2. Seems to be a good size and the plugs start getting nice at that size esp the wood!
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