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by DarkCustom13 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:57 pm

OK last week i tried stretching to my next size a 6g with the taping method. Well i guess the tape clung to the inside of my ear and skinned up some scar tissue and was bleeding a little and agravated. So just to go back a awhile before this had happened i always had trouble stretching my left ear it would always hurt no matter how long i waited to stretch and when healed it would hurt a little when putting plugs back in towards the back left inner side of the hole! So last week when all this happened i washed my ear out really good and put the plug back in. Did salt soaks every day and left it alone. Well today just messing around with it a bit like some light tugging and just feeling my lobe i noticed there was no pain at all and it felt great. So i decided to take the plug out and inspect the hole. It looked perfect NO red really nice perfect round clean hole. So i did a salt soak with the plug out just for the heck of it and put the plug back in. WHAT??? NO pain at all when putting the plug in.. So what ever i did last week it seemed to actually fix my ear! Did i skin unwanted scare tissue off that always gave me problems or what?? This is INSANE! Well anyway im not going to complain! I will know for sure on my next stretch.. Im still going to let it go for another week or 2 before going to a 6g but that i wanted to go to last week but i think it should be ok now... Crazy! Anybody else ever have this happen?
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by Dowa2bp » Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:29 am

Hmm No Can't Say That I Have..

But I Was Inspecting my Ear Not Too Long Ago, And I Have Some Ridges So It Seems (Small one Or Two Lines Deep Within The Hole). Nothing Noticeable But I'm Just Gonna Wait At My Current Size Till I See Improvements ^_^
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I Think 10mm or 11mm
(Stopping at 11mm)
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by DarkCustom13 » Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:55 pm

I probably did have something similar. But i think that PTFE tape like skinned them out or something because i have a clean smooth healthy hole all the way threw now with No pain at all! Going to try stretch again next week to a 6g..This time with the Concave taper that i bought Not Tape!
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