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by DaveyG » Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:05 am

I see people trying to use objects such as large/heavy padlocks to stretch their lobes and saying it will go by much faster. Me personally, I have stretched up to 25mm and closed them and used heavy jewelry to start back up and be up to 9/16 within a few days! I almost want to try this padlock idea to get back up to at least 3/4 and dead stretch from there. By that I mean put in the jewelry and wait until I can fit the next size easily as just putting it in but have that tight feeling. Any thoughts on this method? I understand when you do it with something this heavy it puts all its weight on the bottom of the lobe and may cause thinning but maybe it could work fast enough so that it does not get to a thinning state. Maybe I could even add more jewelry to put weight on more than just one area. Well anyways I just wanna get some opinions/personal stories with using this method. :mrgreen:
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by DarkCustom13 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:13 pm

Im not a pro at stretching but from watching tons of Video and learning how to do it the right way they say that stretching with weights is bad. Especially using padlocks and really heavy items. Alot of things they say u end up with is Thinning as you mentioned, Uneven Lobes, Tears,scar tissue if you get tears,oblong shaped holes so if you put plugs in you will have a gap above. If your at a bigger size i would just use Tape and take it slow. They do sell weighted earrings that arnet supper heavy and would stretch your ears probably safer and slower but i still would think wearing them too much would cause you to have a long shapped hole. There is a couple videos online talking about this you should check out. Kingsbodyjewlery has a youtube Vid about this also. Check it out..
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