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by heathy » Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:33 pm

i've been going naked since my piercer thought my lobe was looking a little weak in one spot (wasn't sure i completely agreed with him, but to be on the safe side...). been this way for about two months now, with daily massages using emu/vit e oil and palmer's stretch mark lotion- amazing stuff for ears btw.

so i decided i missed my plugs too much and i assumed they had shrunk down from 12mm to 8. tried to put in the 8 and it was so loose it just fell out. i was like ok, put in the 10mm, same thing happened. so i tried the 12 again. it's looser than it was before i went naked and i'm pretty sure it's gone up to 13 or 14. somehow, from massaging alone, wearing nothing, my lobe has thickened up AND gone up a size. has this happened to anyone? i'd expected it to have shrunk way down rather than loosen up. when i'm massaging i'm not tugging on it, just rubbing in the lotion/oil. it's definately cool, just unexpected.
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by ZombieModification13 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:50 am

Hey, i've had something similar happen to me before. You would think that the lobe would shrink due to not having any jewelry in it and the growth of new skin cells. I THINK it might be due to the freedom the ear has and the massging with V/E oil. It might actually help the ear fully relax and naturally stretch, but i'm not sure. I was at a very healthy 5/8th and decided i needed to thicken my ears a little. I left my ears free of and jewelry and used V/E oil once or twice a day. After about two weeks i went to put my jewelry back in and it just fell out of my ear. I went through a case where i keep all of my jewelry and found a pair a 3/4 that a friend had given to me. And what do you know. Like a glove. I've asked many proffesionals about this and they just say thats odd.
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