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by RyanNonclerc » Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:05 am

Whenever i flip my lobe up and actually push on my fistula a bit of it comes out. However, when its just hanging, there is no excess of skin, nor any flap on my jewelry when i wear my plugs? Is this a blowout? Or am I paranoid? I downsized about a week ago after I irritated my lobes by rubbing them too much. They're looking tons better now, so is this normal? I never really had a bad stretch, that would give me said blowout. Hmmmm. :?:
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by Ouroboron » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:24 am

Hm, from what I'm reading I think it may be 30% scar tissue and 70% paranoia. It sounds like the fistula around your plugs are kind of tight due to some light scar tissue. I wouldn't panic as long as it's not bleeding, swollen, or if the fistula looks PINK and cat-anusy. If they're irritated from being touched, I would just SSS (to ward off infection), and just lightly apply jojoba/bio/e/emu oil with clean hands to break up possible scar tissue. If not, downsize again. But hopefully, they'll become good enough to touch and massage with the oil. For the most part, I'm sure your ears are healthy and you may be paranoid. I have an irrational fear of blowouts, anus ears, and generally unhealthy lobes. I would just take precautions and baby them up--even if it is in your head. They can never have enough love. ^_^
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