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by sixghoul » Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:15 am

i recently went to 5/8 (16mm) and it hurt. so i downsized back to 9/16 (14mm). it was super hard when i took the 5/8 out. but after a day or two of massaging and downsized back to 9/16 that went away. my left ear is completely and totally healed. but my right ear is now swollen and sore? is this normal? there's no unusual discharge. i had been taking the jewelry out every time i would sea salt soak. but i just read that it's bad to take the jewelry out if there's a tear. which there is. it's not bad but it's there. it's gotten better since i've been doing the rubs. but i left my jewelry out overnight last night and my ear almost entirely closed up so i had to do oil rubs in order to get my jewelry back in. can someone tell me what to do and clarify?
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