Ears are itchy and red around the rings

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by Slasher115 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:44 pm

So for a little while i had to use custom 1g plugs, they were of a metal material i cant exactly remember, then i uped to 0s with the acrylic plugs and for a couple of weeks they had been itching a good bit, i took them out this morning to clean and where the rings had rested against my ear its really red and slightly bloody. I have pictures of it below i need some help to figure out if im allergic or whats going on.

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by Beccaiscool » Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:40 pm

What is most likely happening is when your went to a og is that your ears might not have been ready and your ears probably dont like the acrylic some people have problems with it. If im stretching with acrylic I wait longer until I dont need to use the taper and just wear the acrylic plugs that way my ears arent so sore and heal with acrylic because I do have problems with acrylic too. What I would suggest doing is getting some custom or just regular metal plugs because they are a little nicer on your ears or order some nice ones off amazon and other plug selling websites. To help your ears heal you can downsize, or what I would go with is staying at that size and doing saline/ sea salt soaks and oil massages. Since fall is coming metal plugs arent the best because they make my ears cold but your at a smaller size so it might not be that bad. Be extra sensitive with your ears and wait a long time (3-4 months) to stretch your ears again because in the picture they seem to have red sore wrinkles (cat butt) which is probably just cause your ears are sore and unhealed. Dont push your ears going to a 0g is a big stretch I sorta had the same thing happen cause I thought my ears were ready but they werent and I stretched them which hurt really bad and then I left in the tapers cause i couldnt get my plugs in and they were throbbing all night. I downsized waited another 4 months and the tapers slid in with no pain and when I pulled the plugs down I did have a gap so waiting is the key. you never wanna stretch fast and create scar tissue (cat butt wrinkles) whitch is unappealing with large naked lobes. I got cat butt beacuse of doing that and now if I wanna go naked lobe my right ear makes other people grossed out.
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by PLUG+STRETCH » Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:56 am

How long are you wearing your acrylic plugs in?

I have nothing against acrylic plugs, I think its a great material to get awesome designs out, but it really isn't a material made for daily use. Acrylic plugs are more fashion pieces than everyday wearing plugs.

A simple warm salt water soak every day will help the healing process, and I would say leave your plugs out during the night or completely out if you have another pair that are not acrylic.

Hope this helps!
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