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by corazon_de_oro » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:30 pm

No problem. How much bigger are you planning on stretching? Just curious because if you're planning on going much bigger, you should really think about downsizing so you won't develop as much scar tissue. I have scar tissue from previous piercings and from cutting a freshly stretched lobe on a steel tunnel that scar tissue takes forever to stretch. Also, once your lobes are fully healed and no longer irritated, start doing daily oil massages.
I'm Lindsay.
I have 1/2" lobes and 11 piercings: left helix x2, both conches, both nostrils, septum, navel, and VCH.
My lobes are small but I know a lot about stretching and how to do it safely, so message me if you have any questions!
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