My ear is red around the lobe?

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by heerokoseru » Fri Aug 24, 2012 4:10 am

Hey, so let me get into this. I got my ears pierced at an 8g professionally done, and with a needle. Anyways, the piercer I have is the best in the state. He told me to wait at least 12 weeks before stretching was an option. I of course got a little impatient after 8 weeks, and thought eh it's an 8g now, so it really doesn't matter if I go up one more size and wait 4 weeks, then it should be healed.

So, I did it. My ears don't hurt the taper went through, and so on. No pain, it felt as if my ears were already stretched to a 6g. Anyways, one of my ears are still red on the outside of the lobe, it seems like it still hasn't gone away. I stretched to a 4g after 4 weeks of waiting from the 6g. Then, I decided to downsize to an 8g after I got impatient and put a 2g in my other ear (not the RED ONE.) Anyways, no bleeding, or anything from it. My good ear swelled up, so I downsized all the way back to an 8g and one ear is still red on the outside, and the back is still red.

How do I get the red to come off? Seriously. It's been there since I've gotten it pierced. My ear doesn't hurt, I can pull on the plug, twist it, turn it, and do anything. No pain at all, so what is with the red? How can I get it to go away. By the way, I'm waiting at 8G for about a month, and a half before sizing back up. I'm going to take a full month in between. I don't want a cats butt, or some weird skin at the back of my ear.

Sea salt soaks? Cream? Vitamin E? What do I use to take away the red?
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by DarkCustom13 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:17 pm

First i think the main problem is your ears from the piercing were not ready to stretch yet. Getting pierced at a larger size like 6g takes alot longer to heal then 12 weeks before you can stretch. Second it sound like you were probably stretching to fast for your ears. 4 weeks is a little fast. I stretch every 5 weeks and thats even pushing it! A better time line is every 7 weeks or more. I would down size and do alot of non iodine salt soaks. And then after about 8 weeks or more see how they feel and start the stretching over again but alot slower.
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by mouse2cat » Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:00 pm

Unfortunately your impatience has been causing you problems. And if you don't put on the breaks HARD now you are likely to have some unhealthy problem ears.

What is your goal size?
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by Evlesoa » Sun Aug 26, 2012 5:34 pm

Technically speaking, the red is due to scar tissue. I once burned some skin on purpose off of my ear (a discoloration, you can say). It was red, and still is, but not AS red as it first was, ever since I had my ears "gauged" (causing me to oil up and massage it). When it turns pink / white-ish, it will become normal. This takes time. You have to massage it for it to go away. I think it took me about a year or so for it to become lighter. Long ass time, I know.

How do I know? I had the same issue first hand. Although mine was not TOO serious, hence why it went away pretty quickly (about a week or so). So here's what happened: I shoved a 0g plug through my 4g ears (that were PARTIALLY stretched to 2g a couple times, but then brought back to 4g). Hurt like a mtherfker. 4g to 2g not a big jump, but to 0g was pretty bad. I forced a taper through my ear. After keeping it in for an hour, I downsized. It actually hurt MORE to take it out, than to keep it in. Still, taking it out did more good than not. The throbbing pain caused my ear also to swell up, and so I downsized and stayed at that size for about a week and a half.

Now... red, don't worry about. It will go away eventually. Even though I stretch my ears quickly, I've had no scarring or any redness.
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