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by astao264 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 3:18 am

EDM Machine(Electric Discharging Machine)
Technical Parameter
Input Voltage AC220V
Input Power <500W
Max. Perforation Depth 40mm
Max. Working Depth 300mm
Max. Machining Aperture 6mm
Max. Feeding Rate 1mm/min
Max. Spindle Servo Stroke 45mm
Working fluid Tap water, Kerosene or special cutting fluid
Work Range M2-M30Drliing bit
Dimensions Power box:350mm160mm280mm
Master Machine:230mm 62mm375mm
Weight 13kg
Application and Advantages
As an electrical discharge machining tool, the Portable EDM Machine can easily remove the screw taps, drill bits, reamers, screw, plugs etc. that broken in the work-piece during processing. It can be applicable to a variety of complex manufacturing environment due to it's light-weight structure and convenient operation.
The machine spindle without inversion, it can be adjusted through internal torque and internal turning mechanism. Once installed in the drilling machine or milling machine spindle, it can easily process a high-quality internal and external threads (extra accessories needed when machining external thread). More advantages for processing blind hole threads or all kinds of tough-materials with excellent effects. Simple operated and efficient, without professional training for the operator. Thread accuracy is highly guaranteed. Significantly enhance the effective working-time of screw tap.
Model Taper-Shank LO C1 C1 H2 F2 F3 Work Scope Weight
JW6 JT6 120.0 64 22 31 4 1.0 M2-M7 1.34
JW8 JT6 162.0 79 29 27 4 2.5 M4-M8 2.50
JW12 MT2 137.0 79 29 27 4 2.5 M4-M2 2.51
Easy-operated and simple-installed, the installation is same as fixing ordinary drill bit. Once fixed the lever, it can be used immediately. Start drilling and grinding by pressing down the operation-handle while reversing regression by rising the operation-handle. Internal torque protection to guarantee the screw tap works safely. Working with a drilling machine, processing precision, and quality will be greatly improved for the semi-automation occasions.
China Electric Discharging Machine
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