Help! 8g won’t budge!

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by rundmc » Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:06 am

Ok, so I started stretching in like August or July and have made it up to an 8g, in the past I waited 6 weeks between stretches to make sure my ears were ready to go, so I did the same for this time, and they weren’t ready, no biggie, gave them a couple more weeks, still wouldn’t go, now I’m basically at 3 months, and they aren’t giving me anything! I’m considering taping, but they’re so small it will be a pain. Any suggestions or thoughts besides taping would be greatly appreciated. I use jojoba oil when stretching, and make sure there’s plenty. I’m seriously at a loss right now. I know it’s the first big one, but it seems like most people were more than ready at 3 months.
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