Just got pierced 16gauge: when can I swap out jewelry?

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by reflexez » Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:55 am

Hey guys I just got pierced with the 16gauge, yeah I'm a n00b (was NOT previously pierced an either ear):

The piercer put in a barbell/stud type thing to start off with. Does anyone know when I can swap that out to the tunnel/flesh type jewelry? I'm talking about the type that have the see-thru center and usually are black or chrome like this:
http://www.kingsbodyjewelry.com/stainle ... 2inch.aspx

Would it look good as 16 gauge or do those see-thru look better with the ear more gauged (so should I wait until I go down to 14 next)?

Please let me know!
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by Beccaiscool » Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:25 pm

For your lobe to heal from the piercing is about 6-8 weeks. So to switch out the jewelry just basically wait till its healed. The type of jewelry you want to put in will barely be see through because of the small size. To start stretching your ear I would wait about 6 months to a year for your ear to fully heal and create that layer of skin around the piercing. To achieve that hole look with the tunnels you have to be at a large size which does take a long time. For me to get to a 7/16 it took me arounf 3 years starting at a 14g. Just letting you know that if you do get a 14g or a 16g tunnel its barely gonna be see through and it might take longer to get to a noticable size and the look im guessing you want. Never stretch to fast becausde of damage and tearing in the lobes. What I would suggest is going to Walmart or Hot Topic or even Spencers and getting some horseshoe rings becuase people might notice them more. And the 14g would be bigger and I think with a 14 you can kinda see through it but im not sure cause I havnt used a 14g for a while. Hope this helped and have fun stretchign your ears! The bigger sizes are cool to cause the spirals are really noticable. :D
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