Sore, dry and irritated ear lobes

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by natasha_gerrard » Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:12 am

I am sure you've all answered this before, I have had a scroll down but I can't find the solution. But literally about the passed week the back of my ear has become very irritated, sore and dry. I am hoping it's just an allergic reaction to the nitrile o ring as I am wearing a surgical steel tunnel, I have had no problems with the steel, it's the only material my ear just doesn't reject.

At the moment I am just wearing the tunnel without a back on it because my ear gets itchy and inflamed when I put the black o ring back on it but alas when I go to bed it almost falls out. I would wear a double flared tunnel but it's quite a fresh stretch. I am running out of ideas I don't know where I can even find silicone o rings from tried online and my piercing shops in my area.

As for my care I wash my ear daily with just tepid water and a cotton ball, and then once a week I wash with fragrance free antibacterial soap and make sure I wash away the remainder. And I finally massage vitamin E oil twice a day.

Sorry for the stupid post that I am sure you've seen 1000 times but any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! :D
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by PLUG+STRETCH » Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:45 am

If you hadn't said anything, I would of guessed it was your ears getting irritated by the steel. However, if you are sure that your ears are not reacting to the steel, then it may just be weather conditions.

Humid hot weather, or dry cold weather often irritates the ear lobes because it wreaks havoc on our skin's ability to regulate it's natural oils. Add on the fact that you are wearing a foreign object in close contact with skin for a long period of time and you get skin that is already having problems getting even more irritated.

Try leaving your tunnel out when you sleep and make sure you dry your ears fully after each time you wash them. Damp ears will collect dead skin and oil, further irritating it.

Hope this helps!
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