Stretched for the first time!

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by KittenMuffinPie » Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:25 pm

I have had my stainless steel taper and tunnel kit since a little before Christmas and I did my first stretch this past Sunday (4 days ago now) and there was virtually no pain. It simply felt like my ears were stretching and that's it. I've had my ears pierced since I was a baby but I went from 18 to 14 with no pain. The day I stretched and the day after, the tunnels were very snug but now I can already twist the tunnels in my ears and there's a tiny gap! I've been told by a friend that has 00g stretched ears that I must have a very good immune system to be able to recover from stretching so quickly. She even said that I might be able to stretch quicker than other people since my ears have a high elasticity apparently. I'm still planning to wait at least a month before the next stretch even though right now it's small stretches. I HAVE been massaging my lobes with vitamin e oil since December to prepare my ears so that might have something to do with the elasticity...but yeah. No pain at all. I have been putting vitamin e on a q tip and rubbing it around the tunnel to keep my ears hydrated. How long should I leave the tunnels in before I can take them out to clean my ears and give my lobes a break? Also, should I be cleaning them another way also? I take daily showers and leave the tunnels in but what's the best way to salt soak your ears and can I salt soak them with the tunnels in?
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