Does anyone else find this completely ridiculous?

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by akPhilly » Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:22 am

Anymore,they have a fancy sounding name for like,every possible piercing,& I get it,it's probably because there's so many that they need them to differentiate between all of them,or maybe they've always been called that,I don't know.But does anyone else find it a bit ridiculous when you have these people that'll make youtube videos about body piercing,say with fake & exaggerated casualness that they have 10 piercings,which when you first hear it sounds like alot,but then they'll use these fancy names to show them all to you.And it'll be like,"I have my 'triples' done,3 helix piercings in my left,and 1 helix in my right ear." And I'll be like,ok, far as I can see,all they have is their earlobe pierced 3 times on each side & a couple of cartilage piercings.I'm not saying that any one piercing is any better than the other or 'counts' more,but I just find it a bit silly that someone will act like they're really into body piercing,have all this personal experience with it,& are the world's expert on it,when all they really have is pretty basic,run of the mill stuff that you could get done at the mall(I know,getting it done at the mall is bad,I'm just saying,it's possible to get it done there.),& that I had when I was like,12,which was back in 1994.Back then,we just called it getting a third hole,or getting your cartilage pierced,& it was considered to be no big deal at all.I mean,there's alot of ways to pierce an ear,& saying you're doing your cartilage is a bit vague w/all the different options,but if someone just says they're getting their cartilage pierced,people generally know what they mean.Like I said,I'm not saying that any piercing's better than the other,or that anything isn't a 'real' piercing-it's going through your body so it sure is real,I'm just saying I find it a bit ridiculous when people do this
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by deviantxy » Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:22 pm

lol I so know what your talking about. All these fancy names are getting out of hand.
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