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by AceWitThaLobes » Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:33 pm

I want to stretch another piercing.. ive had my septum pierced b4 (now retierd) and i want it get it done again for the purpose of stretching it a bit. I choose this one to stretch b/c its something thats not very visable unless u looking hard? (is this even true?) i want it to be seen up close (like convo distance) but still be able to get a job....

My question is.. is it difficult?
is it painful?
what about stretching the nostril?
what kinds of jewelry is best?
any possible side affects (like nose makes more/less boogers etc.)
can u hang other jewelry from the hole (like CBR?)

Im just curious about getting some info 1st hand b4 i run out and try it...
1" lobes
tongue pierced, and dermal implant under left eye
retired belly button, septum, nostril, madison, nipples, 4 cartilage, labret, dimples
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by PaarkwayDrive » Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:02 pm

It's not too difficult to do you just need to remember to be patient with it, and just like with lobes stretch up very slowly. The pain depends on how well you take pain, as with piercings you can't say whether its excruciatingly painful or not because everyone's pain thresh hold varies. Although afterwards I would be prepared for it to sting/be a little sore. Hmm I've never had a nose/nostril stretch so I wouldn't know about them. Jewellery wise I wouldn't recommend using a ring or horse shoe barbell for a fresh stretch as it will irritate it and make it ever more sore unless, so a straight or banana barbell would probably be your best bet. When I first stretched my septum awhile back I used a straight barbell until it had healed then changed back to a horseshoe. Hahah I don't think it affects the amount of booger's you have...well it certainly didn't with me.
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