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by alegrah » Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:00 am

I had figured this was the best way to say hi. ^^

So I currently have my lobes.. (which I've just started stretching, and are at 1.3mm, btw). I had to retire my auricle as it got a nasty infection in it.

However, in a few months I'm getting a scaffold on my left ear. Quite sad, really. I plan on that being it with my piercings, since I don't want to get any facial, and I think I'll be happy with a scaffold and eventually 1.6-2mm lobes. I also heal really, really slooow. It took close to 18 months for my lobes to heal when I had them pierced seven years ago, and my auricle never healed before I had to retire it. However, I adore tattoos and will be getting several.

Anyway, hi there!
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