Specialized Machine Tool Accessories Aluminum Castings

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Aluminum casting is simple and economical that it could be performance under a variety of environmental conditions.It could be widely used for train,machine tools, motorcycle, bicycles, truck,etc with its perfect performances
Because of the low cost, aluminum is the world's most common cast nonferrous metal. Aluminum is light weight, maintain strength, corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity and non-magnetic.It is used for engines,motors,pumps and valves,etc.
Cast aluminum is a special kind of metal that has undergone one of several processes called casting. Essentially, aluminum is in the manufacture of many different types of products such as die casting or sand casting.

1. Aluminum casting maintains the high degree of durability and different hardness, strength and toughness.
2. Good ductility,toughness and easy to design shapes.
3. Aluminum casting can be recycled to use repeatedly and wide applications.Specialized Machine Tool Accessories Aluminum Castings
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