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Steam tunnels is one of the most widely used wrapping packaging machine,that is shrink label film wrapping packaging (pvc shrink label,PETG shrink label,OPS shrink Label,other shrink wrapping film)
Steam heat shrink tunnels can shrink different containers in different shape such as bottles,cans,jars,cups,tubes Tanks etc more easily and in lower temperature than electric hot air or wind shrink tunnels because of the properties of steam.
Usually shrink tunnel is used for shrink containers after filling on different production lines such as water bottle filling line as the filling liquid inside the bottles absorb the heat inside the containers. Steam shrink can provide an instant shrink force on the shrink label film to shrink the target container instantly.
Technical Parameter
(1)Shrink tunnel Size: 2800L * 500W * 1850H (MM)。
(2)Weight: Stainless Steel 300 KG
(3)Container Scale Range: Max Diameter 300mm,Max Height 350mm
(4)Capacity: 9000BPH-.30000BPH
(5)Power:3 PHASE 220V/ 380V /415V 50/60 HZ
(6)Motor Power: 0.75KW
(7)Steam Saturation: 30~70Kg/H
(8)Steam Pressure:0.5~5Mpa
(9) Work with steam generator
(10) Suitable different shaped containers
XINHUA steam tunnel is equipped with 2 stage or multiple stages shrink chambers channel,water steam isolating separator, pressure gauge calibrating,waste steam exhaust top fan,adjustable steam spreading nozzles inside, which makes the shrink tunnel real professional and top in china.
The real heat shrink oven is more than just spreading hot air or steam inside the tunnel chamber.Shrink Tunnel Machine manufacturers
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