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by XanderScotland » Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:33 pm

Hey guys and gals,

A few weeks ago I was at a 6mm and pretty happy. Had never planned to go much bigger however one of the backs broke and my ears close up really quickly so I went and got a single flare tunnel which I was told was a 6.5mm. I put it through my right lobe, little bit of pinching but after 20 mins that was away although it looked huge.

A few days later I went to get a tunnel that matched and was told that there was no way it was a 6mm it was definitely an 8mm so I bought an 8mm to put in my left ear. That went through without a problem.

I know this seems like a dead stretch but it was around 6 months since I stretched last.

Brilliant! Says everyone who wants to get to half inch lol.

My problem is now after 3 weeks, the single flare is actually going through my ear. I first noticed after sleeping on it but now I can push the flare through my ear.

Is this normal? I've never had any problem with any stretch but I'm guessing after 3 weeks I shouldnt be stretching to 12mm?

Any advice greatly appreciated
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