Earlobe splitting where it meets face!? Please help!

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by Joey_dangerously » Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:50 am

So I've had stretched earlobes since 2000. Stretched up to 50 millimeters back in 2008 and recently on a whim went up to 54 millimeters in October of 2016. Had no problems until the end of December. What started as a tiny crack in the bottom of my earlobe where my earlobe meets my face/neck has turned into a huge width yet shallow depth hole on the back of my ear. It is all dark red and gently oozing blood, and now the crack / hole is visible at the very edge of the joint of my earlobe where the back of my ear meets the front.

This all started where the edge of the flare of my double flared tunnels touches my ear, so I assumed that by bandaging that area to stop the flange from touching it would make it heal and feel better. While it doesn't hurt when it's bandaged, the wound itself seems to be getting worse! I tried to find 54 mm silicone tunnels in the hope that would help, but I can't find any anywhere. I was hoping someone in the scene would have some advice on how to heal this that doesn't involve seeing a doctor or taking out my earring and letting it heal that way. As the lobe would drastically shrink in size and ain't nobody got time for that. Please help!

Currently I am cleaning the wound once daily with hydrogen peroxide and bandaging with clean cloth gauze padded with a thin layer of antibiotic ointment and affixed with medical tape.
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