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by blazed-kitty » Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:12 am

hey, so I'm not new to stretching my ears, about 2 years ago I was at a 0G and I managed to blow my ears out while trying to go to 00G. long story short I had to take everything out for awhile and let it all heal up. I started from the beginning, like I had to get my ears pierced again. I have been at an 8G for over 6 months now, so I know it's not because I haven't waited long enough. Every time I go to try to use my 6G tapers (I had bought a sterling silver "kit" that had tapers + tunnels from 14G-00G) it will get half way and then it will start to hurt, and I'm definitely not going to risk blowing my ears out again so obviously I stop because it's not suppose to hurt at all. every time before I start trying I use warm water on my ear lobes to loosen it up and lube the taper up with some type of oil that I bought that's suppose to help with stretching, I just can't think of the name but I believe it starts with a J. Anyways I've been doing A LOT of google searching and apparently they don't make 7G anything. I thought to look for 7G because when I was going from a 2G to a 0G I had a bit of trouble so I found out you could get 1G and it worked wonderfully. After reading many articles and peoples input some one mentioned gauging rings(?) They said to look for 5G-8G taper rings, so I did some more googling and found nothing like what they were talking about.
(this is what they said
" I can definitively say that what you need is a gauge loop or a taper. It is a loop that smoothly transitions from a smaller gage to a largerg gauge without having to jump from one gauge size to another. It starts as a small point on one end of the loop and ends as a large gauge at the other end of the loop. You can usually find them in head shops, hot topic has them and most peircing shops have them
It might be hard to find the size you're looking for though you may have to order one from a magazine or online try doing a google search for "5 8 gauge tapers" you should get quite a bit of info")
Does anyone know where I could find this said "gauge loop" I'm willing to try anything. My goal since I was 15 was to just get to a 00G and now I'm 19 stuck at a damn 8G and it's really getting on my nerves now.

Sorry for such a long post for a very short question, but I figured I'd explain everything so there's less questions, plus I'm a talker and I ramble a lot.
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by bunnieswithbaddreams » Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:53 pm

It sounds like that guy was talking about ear spirals? Hot Topic calls them pinchers on their website. I'm 99% sure that theyre not for stretching tho? I wouldnt take his advice, no stretching website says anything about using those for stretching. The best advice I can give is just use a whole lot of lube and take it slow... maybe your ears are permanently messed up from the blowout
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