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by C63chase63c » Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:51 am

I found an easier way to jumping larger sizes. When your ears are healed, Use the silicone gauges matching your ear gauges size, then use acrylic plugs (non tapered) of the same size with vitamin E oil or other lubricant and insert the acrylic plugs into the silicone gauges that are already in your ears, it may look weird but it will add around 1mm-1.5mm to your ear stretching them a little more , allowing the transition from smaller gauges to larger gauges to be a lot easier. (Example: 8mm or 0g plus acrylic gauges of the same size inserted into silicone gauges of the same sizes = 9mm-9.5mm) 00g is 10mm so transition should be easy since it is a smaller size jump
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