followed a bad online guide to stretching.

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by missjuna » Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:13 pm

So yea. Title should say it all.

Friends helped me understand proper gauging, that it shouldnt hurt etc.

Noted for future.

Been about an hour since going from 14g to 10g

stretched from 16g to 14g 3 days ago.

I know... i didint know how that is not good for it however now i do ... noted and will change moving forward.

i am listening to my body at the momment.

The left side is sore and grr a lil

The right side has a bit of stinging still a little red ... that side the taper went through and the jewerly struggled hence the pain i think. Again also aware now i should have slowly moved the taper through and let it rest in stages.

So for here,
What should I watch for? It does hurt. Comes and goes. the redness is going away. Pain / stinging are getting much easier. Not sharp however sometimes its a bold pain.

I got backs on it gonna keep it clean and follow proper steps moving forward so that my ears can stretch at healthy rates and hopefully reach 0g perhaps 00g.

Now what I am curious of is things to watch for.. pain feels like? or obviously infection.

How long do i let these poor girls heal before moving the tunnels? i got some 12g hangers I want to eventually use however obviously healing is much more important

ways to help them heal faster? Im a wierd super fast healer anyway however what can i do to encourage the body to move along happily?

Hope that helps... wish i had found this site sooner... oh well found it now

no bleeding and no pop so seems they will recover if i care for them.

Also, Hi all first post hope everyone is well and look forward to using this resource.


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