Tore my earlobes stretching to a 0 guage

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by redheadchic » Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:32 pm

I started stretching my ears in July 2015. I did it properly and cleaned them everyday usually 2-3 times a day and taking jewelry out and cleaning it as well. My goal size was 2g and I made it there in around Nov and stayed there until this last Sunday. I decided to stretch to a 0g but go ahead and stretch to a 1g to make it easier. I had been wearing silicone double flared gauges and when I tired to stretch to a 1g and the tapers went through no problem so I decided to go ahead and stretch to a 0g which was a mistake since I had been wearing the silicone gauges which are air tight and so they didn't properly heal at the 1g size and when I put the 0g tapers in they didn't hurt anymore than usually but I could tell they were really swollen so the next day I decided to take them out and clean them really well with a sea salt soak and vit E oil...well they immediately started bleeding and I couldn't put any jewelry in...its been almost a week and they aren't swollen anymore but the holes have seemed to shrink significantly which seems weird...they didn't blow out but I tore the insides of my took about an hour for them to quit bleeding and I've been cleaning them daily with a sea salt soak and vit E oil...They look smaller than a 2g and it kinda sucks that I'm pretty sure I will have to start over but that's what I have to do since I was stupid and thought the silicone tunnels would properly stretch my ears..I'm also kinda nervous as to when to start stretching again since my ears were tore on the inside, but I think I'm going to wait another week to start stretching...does anyone else have any advice on this or even been through this?
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by PLUG+STRETCH » Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:26 am

Please don't try stretching them after a week. I know this reply is a little late, and I hope it's not too late but my advice would be for you to wait a whole month before trying to stretch again.

You ears most likely tore because it was already stretched out from the 1g stretch and your skin didn't have enough elasticity in them for another stretch right away.

A tear isn't as bad as a blowout, however your ears will never stretch properly unless you give it time to heal. Your sea salt socks and vitamin e oil is a great start. Keep doing that, but wearing silicon plugs will need to stop until your ears are healed. Open wounds and silicon do not mix well, where your ears will begin healing with the silicon material. Which would mean every time you took your plugs out you'll be reopening the wound up.
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