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by ahhnuhrasmussen » Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:06 pm

Hello everyone!

About a year ago i was stretched to a 0g and tried to go to a 00g but slightly tore one of my ears and decided to take them both out to let them heal. I am not at about an 8g and wear normal earings but want to stretch again. I was wondering if I stretch back to a 0g possibly a 00g will my ears heal back to "normal" again? also any tips for going from a 0g to a 00g to make it less painful?

I appreciate all answers and opinions! Thanks! (:
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by akPhilly » Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:39 am

If your ears went back to normal the last time,I don't see why there wouldn't be at least a good chance that they'd go back again,so long as you didn't rush it.But there's never any guarantees.But as far as going from a 0g to a 00g,You can always get 9mm 00g plugs first,then eventually go up to a 10mm 00g.That's what I did-actually,I've never gone up more than 1mm at a time.Even when I was going from 2-0,I found 1g plugs.So if you get 9mm ones,that'll make it easier.Or,you could use tape.If you use the taping method,I strongly suggest using bondage tape over the ptfe tape.I found the ptfe tape to create friction,& it irritated me alot.Some do have success with it,but still,I think bondage tape's just better overall.The bondage tape is very slippery,& just easier to use overall.So I think doing either of those two things would make it easier for you :D
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